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Quad Cab vs. Crew Cab

Different cab options when picking out a truck can be useful, as trucks have to be quite versatile, and different needs require different body configurations. But there aren’t any universally agreed-upon definitions for what constitutes a crew cab, or a quad cab, or any of the other names manufacturers give to pickup cabs. So to help make sense of different cab sizes offered by Ram, we put together this guide.

Quad Cab VS Crew Cab Passenger Volume

  1500 2500/3500
Regular Cab N/A 62 cubic feet
Quad Cab 117 cubic feet N/A
Crew Cab 132 cubic feet 125 cubic feet
Mega Cab N/A 130 cubic feet

Since nearly every cab on every Ram truck seats 6, the best way we have to show the difference between the various cab types is passenger volume. And right away, we can see what makes it so difficult to keep track of what the different names actually mean. Both trucks have an option called crew cab, but the crew cab on the 2500/3500 is closer in volume to the quad cab on the 1500, while the 1500 crew cab is bigger than the mega cab on the 2500/3500, even though the heavy-duty models have larger external dimensions. It’s also worth noting that the differences between these different cabs come down almost entirely to back seat space, ranging from no back seat at all in the regular cab to the most spacious back seat, which is found in the 1500 crew cab. There is unfortunately no real system for remembering this, but it is at least helpful for 2500/3500 shoppers that the mega cab just sounds like it would be the bigger of the two options that have a back seat.

Cab Size And Bed Size

In some cases, your choice of cab size will determine which bed sizes are available to you, since Ram tries to keep overall length within certain limits. So the 5’7” bed is available only on the 1500, and only with the crew cab. At the other end, the 8’ bed is only available on the 2500/3500, and only with the regular cab or the crew cab. Both trucks have a 6’4” bed option, and this is available with any cab except the regular. In fact, it’s the only bed option for a number of trims of both models. So, while it’s obviously important to know what the different cab names mean when shopping for a truck, it’s also important to keep in mind that you have to consider both interior volume and your desired bed length during the shopping experience.

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